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The training modules below have been designed and produced to provide you with valuable information to help prevent youth suicide. The length of the modules vary from 1 hour to 2 hours so please be aware of this when picking your modules for certification. You may watch a 1 or 2 hour module or mix and match 1 hour modules to meet your requirements.

You will be eligible to receive your certificate once all chapters of a module have been viewed and you have successfully completed the final quiz that follows.

To learn more about the Jason Flatt Act for a particular state, click here.

Where to Start

We recommend that you start with our Youth Suicide: “A Silent Epidemic.” This training module is a two-hour course presented by Clark Flatt, President of JFI and Jason’s dad. It’s an introduction to the national health issue of youth suicide and provides information about warning signs, elevated risk factors, and other important supporting materials. This will enable participants to help recognize / respond to at-risk individuals and assist you to create an action plan and resources. Before completing any suicide awareness training program, please check with your State Board of Education, State Teacher Certification Board, or school superintendent to determine that the program meets the requirements for your state.

  • One-Hour Courses

    Our one-hour courses can be combined to meet the two hours of necessary youth suicide awareness and prevention training that is mandatory for teachers and principals. We currently have four one-hour courses available for you to choose from.

  • Two-Hour Courses

    Currently, we have four two-hour courses available. These courses all center on the topic of youth suicide; however, are presented in different and unique ways. Each module has been developed to meet a two-hour continuing education requirement for suicide awareness and prevention program.

  • Non-Credit Courses

    Coming soon!
    “How can suicide be prevented?” you may ask. We firmly believe that education is the key to prevention. Our nation should be familiar with the warning signs associated with suicide, suicide facts & statistics, and how to find help for at-risk youth. Together, we can save lives!

Important Resource for School Administrators/Counselors

The Crisis Support Team is a collection of professional clinicians across the nation.

The Crisis Support Team provides guidance and advice for school administrators, school counselors, or youth leaders when dealing with tragic events such as a suicide, attempt, automobile related injury, violence, or death. This free, community resource is provided by The Jason Foundation and Acadia Healthcare.

To find out more or access the Crisis Support Team for assistance visit

Our Sponsors

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The Jason Foundation is a national leader in youth suicide awareness and prevention. We provide training to teachers, parents, and communities across the country at no charge. Although we do not charge users, there is a cost associated with providing these possibly life-saving resources. The following organizations have generously sponsored our Online Professional Development Series so that we can continue to offer this training without charging.

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Important Disclaimer:

Although The Jason Foundation, Inc. and our partners make every effort to insure our programs are well-formatted and professionally address the problem of youth suicide, no one program can guarantee to prevent youth suicide. Our program’s goal is to provide you educational materials that will better help equip you to recognize “signs of concern” that may demonstrate that a young person is possibly struggling with issues that left unaddressed or untreated could result in suicidal ideation.

Professional help should always be sought whenever there is a possibility of suicidal ideation. Never try to solve this type of problem without obtaining professional help.